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Cozy Winter Beer

So… last night, while going through the book’s index, I bumped into Mc Chouffe. It’s a beer I’ve drank more than once and as recent as last Friday, when I skipped the last Macro Economics class  for this semester – not a wise thing to do, but it’s not as if the teaching assistant in this class teaches or assists anyway. Despite the nice novelty of good weather after a couple of unusual winter, The Secret Agent and I were in mood for winter beer. when we arrived at Ninkasi pub on the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, one of us ordered Le Trappe Isid’or – a new player in the local beer market – and the other resumed to good, ol’ Dwarf Beer. This is an unfiltered, dark, rich and spicy beer with notes of clove and allspice. Sweetness reveals itself  along the way and the full body sure keeps you warm.

There’s a Chouffe-branded street bar in our neighbourhood, some 100 meters/ 90 yards from our flat. They serve 2-3 different kinds of Chouffe beer on tap, but every time we walk by we face the grim reality: a bunch of douchebags sitting there, watching sports on the big screen and drinking bottled Tuborg. Yes, some people are within an arm’s reach from fresh Chouffe from the tap yet choose to drink Tuborg. The horror…



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