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Old Punks Don’t Die – They Just Smell That Way.

Today we opened our bottle of Best Before December 14th 2011 Brewdog Punk IPA. My fault. The Secret Agent has been campaigning for this beer for months, but because of the 2011 beer mission (see this blog’s About page. There’s a link in the header) Beers that aren’t commercially available in Israel weren’t on top of my list. Working in a full-time job and going to school, my schedule, drinking schedule and otherwise, is not as flexible as self-employed Secret Agent’s and more often than not I have to reject his offer for another beer. There is so much Macroeconomics one can digest after drinking more than one bottle of beer.

I liked Brewdog’s Punk IPA before I drank it and even before I saw the bottles in real-life. How can an old punk with a long-time affection for anything Scottish remain indifferent to Scottish beer called Punk IPA (and Hardcore IPA too, for that matter)?

I liked it just as much after I drank it. Pours cloudy amber with a minimal white head, the beer still reeks of orange and flowers – yes, despite the bottle’s age, the hop is still there! Obviously, this is a very bitter beer. I felt citrus on my tongue as well. However, there’s more to it than just bitterness – it’s got body and substance and we enjoyed it.

So, punk. Scottish punk. An obvious finale’ to this entry would’ve been The Exploited’s Punk’s Not Dead. Screw that. Here’s Ex-Cathedra instead:

10/1001 Beers One Must Try Before One Dies.


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