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Rapa Nui, man!

Once again Dror delivered the goods. As far as I’m concerned, the main attraction in Wednesday tasting wasn’t Rogue, Captain Lawrance or even Smuttynose IPA; Mahina Pia Rapa Nui, pale ale from, well, Rapa Nui/ Easter Island/ Isla de Pascua, was brought to the tasting table, curtsey of Dror’s colleague, a skipper who supported his hobby while sailing the pacific (if any of my colleagues who are traveling in the near future to Lapland, Spain and Wales are reading this – you too can show collegial spirit by delivering a well tucked bottle, secured in one of your used socks. Talk to me on lunch break).

The bottle from Rapa Nui was a bright reminder from our other love and passion, tiki, that is. In fact, the reason why we got into beer is because in order to enjoy anything tiki we have to mix our own cocktails/ mail order our mugs/ score bottles of rum when we travel abroad. Cocktail culture in Israel is a joke. Liquor stores offer Bacardi, Negrita and Captain Morgan. Cheesy, overpriced crude wooden spoons from the Phillipines are considered good flea market scores. Ugh. Over the past 8 years or so The Secret Agent and I have been doing our best to tikify our lives, but sometimes all we want is to go to a bar, order something and enjoy it. That’s why we started drinking beer.

Therefore, drinking an Easter Island beer, which label is adorned with a silver Moai, was a double score for us. This was also the beer we tasted that evening, due to the low-to-no expectations we had. However, we were all surprised to drink a fairly decent pale ale, cloudy blond in colour with a rather big white head. It had a sweet orange-honey aroma and mellow bittersweet taste. Although apparently the beer (and the stout made in the same brewery) is marketed in hotels and bars on the island as well as in the more toured Tahiti, one would easily mistake it with a non-commercial beer.

I begged and Dror gave me the bottle, which joined our humble collection of Moai. Here it is with a bunch of friends:

Beer bottle and friends.


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3 thoughts on “Rapa Nui, man!

  1. Erez on said:

    I’m not surprised that it had a big head, only that it was white!

  2. They are sooo beautiful! Especially the one on the right (and the green headed girl too, of course).

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