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Celebrating at Home

Ayinger Brewery’s pub in Munich has the saddest location ever. Right in the city center with the main shopping street and the big church nearby, it could’ve been a hell of a tourist hub. Only there’s this little thing across the alley that kind of stands on its way: the Hofbräuhaus. Yes, Aygner chose to locate their pub right by THE bräuhaus, with its size, Bavarian-ness, history and herds of tourists that occupy the benches at any given time. We visited Ayinger after sitting across the street. The place was empty and seemed out of place among HB, Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe’

The Secret Agent and I were there a week or so after the end of Oktoberfest and the place was literally empty. We split a glass of Bavarian Dunkel that I found watery and insignificant but The Secret Agent said it was just fine. Nothing too stunning but fine nonetheless.

Fast forward to today. While I was preparing for tomorrow’s class, The Secret Agent cooked us a hearty vegan stew, that demanded the companion of a heavy, German beer, like that Ayinger Celebrator that Santa dropped down the Chimney right before 2012 began, because he knows how much The Secret Agent loves doppelbock. Fashionably and once again wrongly late, we only got to drink it today. This is a full-bodied, softly carbonated doppelbock, that smells of prune, raisins and chocolate and tastes fruity, slightly sweet and metallic. With an abrupt finish and an alcoholic aftertaste, this 6.7% abv. goat drink is well balance and still really nice, considering the time we kept it.

This is beer #26 in my 1001 Beer Challenge. I am actually behind and owe you a report about one crazy tasting we hosted last week – Sam Adams Extravaganza with a capital E. Seriously.



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One thought on “Celebrating at Home

  1. 1. Last time I visited the Oktoberfest, I also paid a visit to the Ayinger brauhaus. It was indeed fairly empty on contrast to its touristic neighbour.
    2. I’m sure the secret agent would be happy to learn that you couldn’t pick a better timing to drink the Celebrator as just now the Bavarians celebrate their traditional Starkbierfest. a festival to celebrate the bavarian liquid bread aka doppelbock bier that was invented by monks from a monastery that evolved to be Paulaner brewery to help them survive the lent – the 40 day fest before Easter. the official beer in the 16 day starkbierfest is… doppelbock

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