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I drank that Mercedes Beer last night

After a spring-themed beer tasting hosted by Beerandbeyond at the Norma Jean – Israel’s pioneer whiskey and beer-focused bistro, we stayed for a light meal before driving back home.

Tasting was interesting, with 7 beers that were brought especially for the tasting: Southern Star Le Mort Vivant, Two Brothers Ebel’s Weiss, Abita Mardi Gras Bock, Heather Ales Alba, Ommegang Hennepin, Peak Organic IPA and Stoudt’s Double IPA. Most were nice, some were interesting (Alba, though I wouldn’t drink a bottle by myself), and one was good – Ommegang, of course. None of these beers are in the book.

I accompanied dinner with Maredsous 10. It is far from being my favourite beer but I haven’t rated it yet and also, there was a chance that it’d be listed in the book. With 10% alcohol, more than one bartender told us that this is one of the most popular beers around and Mercedes, Mardesu, Marsedo and simply That Beer With 10% alcohol are often sought after. I see it myself in the search engine terms that bring readers to Beerdrinking, my Hebrew blog: more spelling variations of Maredsous than the Benedictine monks that benefit from the sales could have wished for.

I can understand the appeal – with 10% abv. one doesn’t need to drink much in order to get the buzz; compared to other Belgian triples M10 has a light body and therefore it’s easier to drink; and let’s not forget the sweetness, that’s always easier to cope with than bitterness. I didn’t fall off my chair, despite the grainy aroma that I always enjoy and was surprised to find in this specific ale, but hey, you can’t beat the masses.

Beer #27 I must try before I die.



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