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Race Against Time

Bloody hell fire!

With the craziness of the new semester and pre-Passover projects at work, I managed to drink beer but barely got to write about it. The last couple of weeks were filled with cool brews, some rare, others surprising, all blog material, but only a few were reported here. Moreover, a bunch of interesting tasting sessions are scheduled for this week and for Passover holiday. I’d better start catching up, right? So stealing a few moments that should actually be dedicated to linear algebra, here’s a short report about Westmalle Tripel, which we drank last Tuesday.

Our bottle was bought in Belgium last October. Throughout the week we spent in the country we sampled beers from all the Trappist breweries except Chimay and La Trappe that are widely available here. Westmalle Tripel became the Secret Agent’s favourite and he even ordered a 2005 bottle at the Kulminator in Antwerp, that tasted a bit like mead – lots of honey in the nose and mouth – and the alcohol became more apparent.

Westmalle Tripel 2005 at the Kulminator, Antwerp, October 2011

We intended to keep the bottle for a group tasting or a special occasion, but meanwhile the beer became available here. Westmalle dubbel is said to be available on draught, though I haven’t seen a tap except for the one that poured samples at the Beers2012 Expo and both the dubbel and the tripel have been spotted in alcohol stores in town.

Since it’s no longer a rarity and because we enjoyed the beer much more in its natural, un-aged state, we opened our bottle on a Tuesday night, during a short break from – what else? – linear algebra. I must say that although the beer was good, the memories from the first tasting, in shady cafe’ on a sunny afternoon in Brussels, were better. It has a strong bitter taste that cuts the throat from inside and dominant peach aroma. Clear pale gold and heavy body that fits them 9.5% abv.

That was beer #28 in my project. More to follow.


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