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Behind, again.

So many beers to write about, so little time. I just returned from a tasting. We sampled some 12-13 beers tonight.Had information about most of the beers prior to the tasting and was relieved to find out that none is listed in the 1001 Book. And yet, as soon as I came back, some 10 minutes ago, I had to check out the index to see maybe I missed something. Well, of course I did.

The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery from Oregon  is listed on page 616.  We sampled the 2011 Reserve edition of this awesome black concoction that is crowned with a dark yellow head. It has a rich dry wood, dark chocolate aroma and a heavenly wooden-coffee-smoke burning bitterness. It was the last but definitely the best beer we sampled tonight.

Victory Prima Pils was another beer we sampled tonight. A clear greenish blond liquid that bears a very faint aroma that becomes sweet and fruity after stirring. It’s a thin, watery brew that bears no distinctive taste.

Beer #29 was cool, beer #30 was rather insignificant.

There are at least 7 more beers in my notes that should be covered in this blog. Soon.


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