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Blogging about Israeli beer in general and Israeli craft beer in particular, following 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die and other beer musings.

Efes Holiday

Got a week off from work due to Passover and I’m gonna use it for three things mainly:
1. Customize my Blythe dolls
2. Catch up on Algebra
3. Make room in the fridge
There’s so much beer that we never get to drink, that we sure need a week off to make more room for new purchases. A group tasting is already scheduled, another group tasting is in the work and in between – lots of oddities that we have accumulated over the past months.
Today afternoon, while cutting veggies for tonight’s dinner (Passover Seder it is NOT, mind you; we are heathens, the Secret Agent and I), I opened a bottle of Efes Pilsener, Turkey’s representative in 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die. Got my bottle last December, in a goody bag given away in a local pub that celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Best Before date: April 27, 2011. I didn’t notice when I got the bottle, because I was mistaken to think that goody bags and trash bins are not the same thing.

Beer was too sweet, smelled of rice and corn syrup and despite the crisp finish and the right look – clear golden with a big, white foamy head, it tasted old.

I’ve drank Efes before – at my brother’s wedding and in Turkish holiday resorts – and it’s a decent lager, one to drink on a hot summer day, but only when fresh.

Beer #32 I must try before I die.


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