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Smokey America

I spent the first day of Passover vacation studying statistics and reading blogs. Caught up on many months of my beloved The Lope – a must-read to anyone fond of Americana, read a tumblr about food sampled on a Route 66 road trip that took place in December 2010, browsed a motel postcards blog that sometimes also publishes transcriptions of the notes scribbled on the back of the cards and even paid a visit to the Tiki Forums I have neglected in the past year due to beer overtaking my free time. I was in my Great American Road Trip Mood, a mood that rose from the ashes as of late, since The Secret Agent and I have began discussing a trip to be taken place in Summer 2013. A short, 4-6 weeks one that will be focused on people – friends and family who are living the American Dream.

At the moment we are still in the talking stage, no real plans, just a very, very rough itinerary that includes Texas. The Secret Agent and his family visited the Lone Star State in the early 90’s; us two drove through the Panhandle when we did Route 66 in 2007, but (other than friends) we know that there’s more to Texas than what we’ve encountered so far.

what, more than Bradley Kiser 1930 66 Super Service Station in Alanreed?

We know that at least there’s some good beer brewed in San Antonio. Tonight, when the Secret Agent came home, we opened a bottle of Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter, that I got as a birthday present. I said it before, I’ll say it again – I  ♥ ♥ ♥ smoked beer!

Ranger Creek brews beer, distills whiskey and sells the products in some points in Texas. The Mesquite Smoked Porter is described – both on the label and on the website as influenced by the classic Bamberg rauchbiers. I drank Bamberg rauchbiers both in Bamberg and at home and rauch-wise this one is way more gentler than the German stuff. The beer is dark brown and opaque and pours an impressive big, foamy tan head. The aroma starts sweet and nutty and then smoke appears. Delicate smokiness, that is. Also, I sensed hops, grassy hops.

Mouth was interesting: wooden, smoky, bitter, hickory and a little bittersweet chocolate.

Hickory reminds me of Missouri Hicks in Cuba, Missouri. Being vegetarians, we satisfied our craving a month or so later, munching on vegan jerky in Eugene, OR.

It’s a full-bodied porter, carbonated-to-measure with some malty finish. One of the better beers I have tasted recently.


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3 thoughts on “Smokey America

  1. I left Israel in 96 and haven’t been back since. The beer scene has changed! I used to shop at a little store near the Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv. Tell me, where are you all getting American beers? Are people bringing them back? Are any American breweries now selling in Israel?

    • The beer scene sure has changed since 1996, but I think that the little store near the Chinese Embassy is still in business. The only American beers commercially available here are Sam Adams, who used to offer a nice selection, about 11 different brands but are now down to 2-4, and Miller Genuine Draft. Beers covered here are brought from the USA, of course.

    • The Secret Agent reminded me of Brooklyn – a choice of 4-5 brews from them. We sure need some West Coast ales around here.

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