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Passover at the Monastery

Working in a company with an Orthodox management means that I have the week of Passover off. Usually The Secret Agent and I spend this springtime week roaming around the country, taking road trips and eating out, but this time I’m taking it easy. The Secret Agent is working on some project and I use the days off to catch up with math and friends.

On Sunday I met The Gorgeous Blond in the city center. She had some time off before her drumming lesson, which we spent shopping for cheapo knock off glasses and talk about everything at the Minzar.

The Minzar (Eng: Monastery) is one of Tel Aviv’s most (in)famous watering holes. Open 24/7, serves relatively cheap beer, pretty good food and caters pretty much everybody, it is usually too hip, smokey and crowded for me, but that’s because I usually go out in the evenings. During the daytime it’s quite a pleasing place: rugged tables, lots of sunlight and a generous happy hour that lasts from 10 a.m til 8 p.m. The Gorgeous Blond ordered coffee and I chose Estrella Damm, light lager that suited that beautiful sunny, warm day perfectly. Estrella is what it is, pale lager: light, grainy, malty. Good to quench one’s thirst on a hot day. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Gorgeous Blond installed Instagram in her Android:

Estrella Damm was Beer #33 I must try before I die.


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