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A Nightcap of Bitburger

I’ve been spending most of the holiday on my own. It’s the first holiday in a long time that The Secret Agent is busy, too busy to hang out with me. Also, Other than a beer tasting (more info soon) and meeting two girlfriends for a quick afternoon drink, I’ve been studying at home most of the time. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s rare, having the apartment all to myself, spending time by myself. Also, the cats seem more relaxed when I’m home. No tantrums or attention-seeking that take place when I come home from work. Maybe my true call is being a stay at home mom for Miza and Yossi?

The Secret Agent came home late today and I suggested we’d go out to unwind. Lacking any better alternative we found ourselves sitting on Porter and Sons’ bar, once again staring at the taps like a teenager looking at her full closet and thinking that she has nothing to wear. I ordered Bitburger Premium Pils, German lager that hails from the city of Bitburg, which we drove by on our Euro Beer Expedition last October. The Secret Agent reminded me that I had drank it before, but that applies to the other 49 taps at the Porter and Sons (and pretty much to the 70 bottled beers in the fridge).

Bitbutger Pils is a nice. crisp golden lager, bubbly with a quick dissolving white head and a typical grainy-malt aroma. Graininess is apparent in the mouth as well, with malty taste and finish. With a light body and fun fizz it’s a decent beer, especially for the summer. At home I discovered that it’s also a beer I must try before I die. #34 out of 1001.


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2 thoughts on “A Nightcap of Bitburger

  1. I have to admit, there are a few beers on the 1,001 I didn’t really enjoy and Bitburger was one. It might have to do with my personal taste or the length of time it takes to transport to Australia but I found it no better then any other macro lager we had here.

    • Macro lager indeed, but it poured fresh and as such – was good for what it was. Among the 1001 there are a bunch of weird choices, some beers were obviously included just to say that a beer from country X is there, but so far I have also encountered mediocre American micros,and I am just 40+ beers into the book (a bunch have not been written about yet)

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