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Pink Elephants, not Lemonade

I was a little bit nervous, opening the 750 bottle of Delirium Tremens. Nervous, because I didn’t know what to expect. From myself, not from the beer.

See, for quite a long time I considered the cream colour bottle-packed, elephant endorsed Belgian ale as my favourite beer. I lamented its disappearance from the shelves last winter and tried to drink as much as I could from the tap that still poured it, then celebrated when a new import contract was signed with a local distributor.

Due to lack of space The Secret Agent and I don’t really collect beer glasses. We have a bunch that we got here and there and few that we bought. We do collect tiki mugs though, but being adults and partners, there are very few items that “belong” to one of us, birthday gifts included. The Delirium Tremens glass, with the tiny etched elephant in the bottom, is “mine”. The Secret Agent chooses other glasses; guest tasters are never offered to drink in it. It’s just too cute to share.

But it’s been months since I last drank it. Searching the Hebrew Blog found a tasting in September, but I think we got to drink it in December as well, when our man Etay and his girl Christina came to visit from L.A, but there’s no documentation, so whatever.

I was afraid. What if it doesn’t taste as amazing as I remember it? Moreover,  a couple of months ago I was somewhat disappointment by  Delirium Nocturnom (Hebrew Alert). But I’m a woman on a mission and thus poured the murky pale amber liquid to our glasses (my branded Delirium, The Secret Agent’s locally branded tulip) and enjoyed looking at the frothy white head that pouring created.

Aroma was fruity: we sensed red apple and pear but also cookie dough and the taste was delicious: mildly bitter, fruity,  slightly sugary-sweet but not alcoholic, despite its 8.5% abv. Its body is heavy, and with a healthy level of carbonation,  lingering soft finish and overall balance, I’m glad to write that it’s a very good beer. Had it remained a favourite? I guess it has.

An unusual beer deserves an unusual clip. Yes, that’s right, it’s Madonna. Now  press play and enjoy an enchanted clip and song (note 1:05), while I mark down beer #43 I Must Try Before I Die.

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