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Hangin’ Out With The Coopers


Y.D, one of the major Importers of beer and spirits, has recently began marketing Australia’s only major family-owned beer (and homebrewing products) makers, Cooper’s. That’s a weird beer to import, considering that their portfolio consists of macros, such as Estrella, Miller, Bass, Urquell and La Trappe as well as Australia’s own Foster’s. Rumors are that a family member drank this Cooper’s in a private holiday Down Under, got hooked up and a container dull of bottles followed his return. In a perfect world this person’s next holiday destination would be West Coast U.S.

Out of Cooper’s wide portfolio, three ales are available here. Out of the three Cooper ales that are listed in 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die, two are available here. One is the wonderful Cooper’s Best Extra Stout, that smells roasty with a hint of iodine, looks good – opaque and almost black in colour – and tastes bitter and rougher that most commercial stouts available; that’s how I like my stouts.


The second is the rather disappointing beer with the rather redundant name Cooper’s Sparkling Ale. English not being my first language, I must admit that the first association I had reading the beer’s name was, well, sparkles. As in glitter. Yup, not an average beer’s natural condition, but rather something that My Little Pony fans would think of (moi? of course not! The MLP I bought for our niece a few years back is an educational toy! It is!! I swear!!! [and she lives to far away for me to enjoy it, ok?]) It took a beer lover and a reminder of the literal translation for me to get the idea.

Anyway, Cooper’s Sparkling Ale pours sparkly smells sweet, light cookie dough and oranges and tastes like strawberry soda, childish taste that has no room in beer or in a beer-lover’s mouth. Light body, fizzy with a fruity and WTF question mark floating in the air as the taste is leaving the tongue.

But there’s a third beer, that may not be in the book, but is worth mentioning: Cooper’s Original Pale Ale is a well-balanced golden ale with grass and malt aroma (and also a little vegetable soup), bitter, lemon and grass taste that make room for roasty flavour and delicate bitter finish. This would be a great summer beer.

Cooper’s Best Extra Stout and Cooper’s Sparkly Ale are #44 and #45 beers I must try before I die.


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One thought on “Hangin’ Out With The Coopers

  1. Hi
    Coopers is my native beer, made in my hometown and is Australia’s largest Australian owned brewery now. They are celebrating their 150th anniversary this year. If you can ever get your hands on it, a bottle of Coopers Vintage is great to cellar.

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