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Primator in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

I’m so behind with this blog it’s getting ridiculous. Drinking beer is not a problem. I always find time for this, but writing about it is another story. In the past weeks I have probably drank 20 beers that are a part of my mission, dozens of other beers that are worth mentioning and and Israeli beer and breweries that I so want to write about, but due to work, school, homework, gym (heaven forbid) and tasting sessions, I don’t.

So there’s a lot of recap to do on my part, and I’ll start with an easy one, Czech-brewed Primator, now sold on bottles across the country and poured at the Norma Jean bistro in Jaffa. Primátor Polotmavý 13° and Primátor Weizenbier appear in the 1001 book. Primátor Premium Lager 12° isn’t, but it’s ratable, DSG, his partner, The Secret Agent and I met and rated a few weeks ago. The beers are served in boot glasses, my first time ever drinking from such a vessel. I did manage to avoided the air pocket, but it took some effort.

How was the beer? Polotmavý  is a sweet and buttery  Vienna lager with a somewhat sour finish. The Weizenbier was decent: cloudy, banana-clove aroma, spicy, a little sweet and a little sour, easy to drink with a sweet banana finish.

The Premium Lager is not in the book, but still, it’s an OK pilsner. Definitely better than the Polotmavý. Not sure what is the added value of those beers to the local market, but alas, at least I didn’t have to hunt beer #52 and #53 I must Try Before I Die overseas.


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