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Recap Madness #1: Last Saturday

Last Saturday the tasters and raters gathered at the Big Bear’s place for what was initially announced as Georgia vs. Italy tasting, a result of Big Bear’s dad’s trip to Italy and Dead Swedish Girl’s mom’s excursion to Georgia. Meanwhile most of the Georgian beer had already been sampled in previous tastings and we all brought bottles and cans from our stashes. The Secret Agent and I contributed beer from the book, but The (soon to be) Texan and  DSG also shared helpful stuff.

Cantillon Iris is  one of the 5 different brews from Cantillon that appear in the 1001 book and the third we’ve sampled so far. It’s good to have Sour lovers around. Drinking Cantillon in a regular tasting was not as intense and challenging as it was during the sour tasting. It probably was for the hopheads in the room, but for me it went OK. Cider vinegar and limestone aroma, extremely pickle juice-like taste (you know, the water that preserve gherkins), medium body and thankfully short finish. I still consider those lambics weird (blended, unblended, I still can’t tell the difference), but it was strangely fine.

DSG said that Tipopils by Birrificio Italiano is the best pilsner he has ever tasted. Having just rated his 3000th beer, he has had his share of pilsner. I’d vouch for some fresh Czech draught pils myself, but Tipopils was more than decent. Clear to hazy golden with white foam, green, hemp-like aroma, fresh bitterness and a crisp finish – a beer to drink all by yourself, had it been distributed locally.

We also brought pilsner, Lagunitas Pils. We’ve drank the brewery’s great Olde GnarlyWine (with a dog on the label – another dog beer!) last month and thoroughly enjoyed it. The pils was so-so. Sweet, flowery aroma, some cookie dough even and delicate bitterness with light body and quick finish. Not bad but really, nothing unusual.

Two Brothers Cane and Ebel was a beer I was looking forward to drink and I wasn’t disappointed. Amber coloured American Strong Ale with a light body, the beer has a strong hoppy aroma with evergreen, flowers and hints of citrus and a delicate, just slightly dry taste. Smooth texture, soft carbonation and fruity-bitter finish.

We tasted many other beers, some were good, others were not, but time’s short. Lots of catching up to do and we need to get out to the beer fest taking place in town.

These were beers #54, 55, 56 and 57 I Must Try Before I Die.


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  1. Do I smell a nick?

  2. You never know…

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