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Blogging about Israeli beer in general and Israeli craft beer in particular, following 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die and other beer musings.

Meta beering.

Ever since I started working at the office I’ve been nagging Hannah, my Ethiopian colleague about Tella, traditional, low-alcohol home-brewed beer. She sometimes brews this at home but has yet to bring any. However, DSG fetched me a bottle of Meta Beer, commercially-brewed stuff from Ethiopia, available in his neighbourhood, where lots of African immigrants, mostly Sudanese and Eritrean, I think, live.  There are two Ethiopian beers in the book, and Meta is one of the cases where geographical diversity overrules  connoisseurness. Otherwise, why including this generic pale lager in the book? “[…] conjured from the holy waters of St. Abo” is not a redeeming quality, is it? Well, the book states that the unfiltered version, available at the brewery and in Addis Abab, is the best way to sample the beer. Here in sweaty Tel Aviv it pours clear straw golden and bears thick fruit syrup aroma that most likely hints about the bottle’s old age. It also tastes a little syrupy, although bitter as well.  Its body is light and it’s easy to drink, but there are so many beers like that all over the place, seriously. That’s beer #84 I must try before I die, but believe me, you mustn’t.



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