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Super Bock, Super Fail.

The night before the Epic Failure also known as the Statistics exam, we fixed a quick supper that demanded to be accompanied by a light beer. For a bulgur-tomatoes-cucumber-chili-chickpeas salad,topped with olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon and cumin, even the American summer ales we have in the fridge would’ve been too heavy and complicated. We wanted a cool, brainless beer, and the bottle of Super Bock Classic scored last week seemed like a good choice.

Alas, it wasn’t. It smelled synthetic, malty and a little grassy, tasted bitter, somewhat metallic, and its high alcoholic content (5/8%) and artificiality became apparent the more we drank. We needed a second round of something better, but as I was already in the loser mod, in preparation of today’s Epic Failure, I opted for the second Super Bock bottle, this time Super Bock Stout, that’s also in the book. I had no expectations, just wanted to get rid of that Portuguese stuff and feel like I actually did something productive during that evening – if not figuring out Statistical hypothesis testing, at least cross another beer from the list. Well, the stout is slightly better than the classic. Smells like sugared black coffee and faint roastiness and tastes a little bitter and somewhat artificial.

We have drank worse beer than those two, but there’s no reason to drink them again. They taste industrial and artificial and aren’t really worth the liver cells. Super Bock Stout is beer #85 I must try before I die. Statistics is the first re-test in my MBA test. Hope your summer is more exciting than those beers and my academic activities.


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