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Dogfish Head-to-Head

Seems like there’s been quite a hype around Dogfish Head. Fellow bloggers review their stuff, fellow beergeeks get a hold on bottles and 4 of their beers appear in 1001 Beers you Must Try Before You Die. It’s one of those breweries that I always feel like I need to drink more of. Innovative brews and beautiful, ever-changing (and easy to peel) labels are a good reason to follow Dogfish Head. And the labels are beautiful. So beautiful that beer blogger Beer Drinker Rob from the Daily Beer Review even held a contest for which the prizes were Dogfish Head labels signed by artist Tara MacPherson.

So far we drank 2 out of the  4 represented in the book. We shared 90 Minute Imperial IPA at a tasting that took place in early July. I must admit that we got an old bottle which clearly affected our impression. We smelled hops, a little citrus and alcohol. At 9% ABV one would not be surprised to smell alcohol, but other reviews I read don’t mention this trait Taste was bitter but rather soft and reminiscent of acetone. Body was medium, carbonation quite alright an finish was bitter and alcoholic. In a perfect world I would’ve bought another bottle, but I’m in the Middle East, where most imported beer belongs to the pale lager category.

Last week we drank Raison D’Etre at home, which I liked much better. Cloudy mahogany in colour, no head and like the name hints, strong raisin aroma, but also hard candy and raspberry.  It tastes sweet, wine-like with a touch of wood, with a full body, no carbonation and smooth texture. Neither The Secret Agent, nor a few other friends who tasted it before fell off their chairs, but although it wasn’t as good as the Aprihop and the Burton Baton that friends shared at tastings recently, I kinda like it.

Raison D’Etre and 90 Minute Imperial IPA are beers #106 and #107 I must try before I die.


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