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Monday Morning Blues.

I don’t suffer from Monday Morning Blues, simply because work week in Israel starts on Sunday. Today’s different as the semester begins. Soon I’ll take the bus to work, where a load of missions are awaiting on my desk. Then, in the evening, school begins. A full semester, a re-test in 4 weeks from now. I kinda wanna kill myself or drop out and enjoy carefree afternoons with The Secret Agent, but I still haven’t won that ambitious devil that’s sitting on my shoulder, whispering “study hard and get a degree”.  For lack of a better topic, here are two beers I drank that the only things they have in common are their  their country of origin and their appearance in the 1001 book.

Lost Coast Brewery Downtown Brown, a brown ale with a cubist-like label was sampled at a tasting that was held at the Dancing Camel brewpub. I’m writing this because until recently DC also had a beer named Downtown Brown. Well, ‘downtown’ and ‘brown’ rhyme and it’s not a surprise that 37 different downtown browns are listed on Ratebeer, but Lost Coast’s is the serious/ popular/ widely available of them all. I swear that sharing our bottle on that location was coincidental though. Anyway, the beer pours dark brown with a tan head, as expected from the name and type. The exotic fruit aroma, derived from hops, sweet fruitiness and very delicate bitter undertones in the mouth are far from what was promised in the tasting notes shared in the 1001 book: where’s the nutty aroma? The coffee bitterness? Not in my tasting notes, though looking at the ones my tasting mates shared – nut, caramel, coffee and malt sure met their orifices. Beer had a considerably light body with a nice fizz and long finish where the hops appear with faint bitterness. It wasn’t a bad beer and I certainly wasn’t tuned-in.

Yuengling Dark Brewed Porter hails from the US’ oldest brewery, located in Pottsville, PA, an old coal mining town. There’s a good chance that The Secret Agent and I will visit the brewery one day, as it’s only a 30 minute drive from Centralia (click for vintage-net). In my personal 1001 places I must see before I die, there’s a page dedicated to Centralia (mental note: finish reading Donald Harington’s Let Us Build Us A City by the end of the year. Are there any breweries located in lost/ ghost towns?). This brew is made with lager yeast and is bottom fermented, a method said to be traditional but in today’s perspective is quite unique – it has a light body for a porter and it’s easily drinkable – not at all a bad thing. Yuengling Dark Brewed Porter pours dark opaque brown and smells like the combination of coke and Rosh HaShana honey cake, which in my family it means clove-loaded. It’s a slightly bitter beer that tastes a little like coke. Malty finish and fizzy and fun to drink.

Lost Coast Downtown Brown and Yuengling Dark Brewed Porter were beers #123 and #124 I Must Try Before I Die and now I’m heading off to work and then school. Fall Semester starts today. Guess I should be grateful for the weekend-long semester break I had, ugh!


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