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Procrastinate. It Can Wait.

Other than a sip of Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier and the remains of the pale lager I used for baking a loaf of beer bread, I haven’t drank at all in the past week+. An all too familiar pain sent me to the ER. A quick diagnose, a quick surgical procedure and the doctor’s orders for bed rest means that instead of sitting at the pub or joining tastings I’ve been drinking up my sick-leave days. Well, it never hurts to give the liver some rest. It would’ve been a good time to catch up with the blog and delete columns from my Blog Entries to Be Written file, if I didn’t  have to study for tomorrow’s horrific exam.

Being Type-A procrastinator, at this point I’d rather write about dull beer than go through another SPSS sheet. St Feuillien Triple from Belgium’s Brasserie Saint-Feuillien is indeed rather dull. The first time we drank it was at Delirium Cafe’ in October last year. My journal states that at that point in the day my tasting buds we gone. No wonder. That was the 4th round at the Delirium/ Hoppy Loft complex in Brussels. Prior to that we had 3 more beers during lunch and visited Cantillon where we sampled 4 more beers.

Anyway, that was before the blog and before the 1001, so a few weeks ago we opened a bottle found at a store here in Tel Aviv – St. Feuillien beers can be found here, though rather sporadically. I didn’t miss much that night at the Delirium. It’s a cloudy golden beer that bears the aroma of cooked peach, apricot compote and ripe oranges. It tastes sweet, heavy and fruity but as you keep sipping the taste becomes bitter like unripe citrus peel. The beer has full body, high carbonation and an unpleasant sour finish. At least it was a small, 330cl bottle.

St Feuillien Triple is beer #136 I Must Try Before I Die. Good riddance. Now back to study.


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