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Dog Brews

We’re back from Switzerland, still enchanted by The Young Gods’ brilliant concert. I would have paraphrased and said that It’s Good to Be Back*, but I’d be lying. It is never good to be back from a holiday, though our bank account is definitely relieved that we’re back.

Soon I’ll start working on my notes and turn them into a couple of entries about Swiss  beer and beer in Switzerland, but these will be picture-heavy entries and after an all-nighter we pulled at the airport (where beer tasting took place too, of course!) I just don’t feel like messing with Windows Picture Manager or delegating the task to The Secret Agent, aka Der Fotoshopfenkunstmeister. We are both knackered. Instead, let’s talk about dogs. We haven’t talked about dogs for ages in this blog, not since October, when Brewdog Rip tide was reviewed. There’s a Lion Stout, Hop monkey, Goose Island and even a Black Cat, but it is a truth universally acknowledged that dogs rule the world of beer.

turbodogWe recently drank two doggie beers. The first is Abita Turbodog from Abita Springs, a small town in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. Abita Brewing Company uses the town’s spring water. Wikipedia tells us that “[i]n August 2005, Stuff Magazinecalled Abita’s Turbodog Ale the best beer made in America”. Wikipedia also tells us that Stuff magazine is a sleazy men’s mag that merged to Maxim in 2007. 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die was first published in 2008, I think, so the beer must have kept its rep for a few years.

It’s an alright brown ale, with cherry, old-chocolate and sweet flowery aroma and sweet chocolaty taste, faint toffee and a little yeast.  It’s an alright beer but due to its carbonation and richness, is a little too heavy to drink an entire 12oz. bottle by oneself. Luckily we share.

fatdogNot only did Stoudt Brewing Co. named their Imperial Stout Fat Dog Stout, they probably donated the money that would have otherwise been paid for a graphic designer to their local SPCA. Yes, it is THAT amateurish. Look:

But judging beer by its label is wrong. Inside the bottle rested a great imperial oatmeal stout, the blackest. How much more black could this be? The answer is none. None more black. Italso has a really nice tan head. Underneath, good ol’ roasty aroma, with some coffee and unexpected cotton candy. It tastes rich, bitter and roasty and a little dry and finishes roasty as well. A really yummy stout it is! Highly recommended.

Turbodog and Fat Dog Stout are beers #148 and #149 I Must Try Before I Die. More entries to be published soon. Meanwhile, goodnight.



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