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Popular for a Reason

Recently we drank two beers that’s been around for quite a while. I’ve been busy chasing rare brews, scamming bottles from my family and hustling my friends that the easily available beer is. Take Duvel for example. Not Duvel Triple Hop or Duvel Single Fermentation that’s making its official draught debut here in Israel. Simple bottled Duvel that’s available all over: at stores, in bars and in restaurants. The Secret Agent drank a bottle on his birthday dinner at the trendy Abraxas North resto-bar, we see it every time we go out, but it took a giveaway that we got at the fancy launch of Duvel Single at the residency of Belgium’s ambassador in Israel for us to drink, rate and write about the beer; we wanted to compare the classic devil beer to the new, lighter version. Well, it pours beautifully: cloudy blond with a big, frothy white head. The aroma is sweet with hints of cookie dough. In the mouth the beer is chewy and bitter, alcoholic and a tad bit dry. It finishes sweet with an alcoholic aftertaste and its body is full. I like Duvel alot, but really, for me drinking a whole glass of the beer is challenging.


Also Wytchwood Hobgoblin. This beer’s quite popular as well: its bottles are sold in one of the supermarket chains, a few bars serve it on tap. Not only is Hobgoblin a popular beer, The Secret Agent and I quite like it, as well as the other Wytchwood products available here, especially Scarecrow and yet, we needed a PR tasting to give this great beer the time of the day and the few lines here. Hobgoblin pours deep bronze with a slightly murky, cream-coloured head.  It smells nutty, toasty  with hints of caramel and  tastes lightly bitter and pleasing. Light carbonation, medium body, smooth texture with bitter finish, it is a really enjoyable beer and one I’d tend to order in a bar.


These two beers are #160 and #161 I Must Try Before I Die. You don’t have to but if you don’t know these two, they are highly recommended.


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