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American Classics

Between now and the third week of March this blog will be all about Getting Things Done. I’ve written before that I drink more than I write – that’s the way it should be when it comes to beer blogging – but this results in an undesired lag of dozens of beers. Why the third week of March? Because we’re going on a holiday and when we return we might want to write about our holiday beer experience.

I’m starting with beers from three breweries that gained a fair coverage by the editors of 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You die: Victory Golden Monkey is the 4th and last Victory beer in the book; There are 6 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. beers in the book. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is the 4th I write about; Out of the 5 representatives of Anchor Brewing Co., this entry that records Liberty Ale tasting notes covers 80% of them. Also, besides what I blog about, I have drank a few more releases from each of these breweries. Their availability and credibility makes them perfect nominates for well-meaning friends and relatives who want to gift you with craft beer from their visit in the and that’s fine with me. Whereas these three breweries are not the first you turn to when searching for innovative, extreme drinks, they do what they do pretty well.

I had two bottles of Victory Golden Monkey. First one was weird-tasting. It was probably an old bottle. Second was much nicer. That’s a heavy, Belgian-style beer, 9.5% abv. heavily spiced with coriander, caraway and orange blossom and a little alcoholic.

The Beer Master brought us a can of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale from his trip to GABF last fall. Ignoring aesthetics, cans do good to beer. They are lighter to pack and immune to sunlight and that’s important in a place like Israel. This is a hazy amber beer filled with hops: pine in the nose, soft bitter taste and a long lasting hoppy finish.

Heavily Cascaded Anchor Liberty Ale is another drinkable and fun APA. Citrus, mainly orange, in the nose (I also spotted sour bubblegum) and simple, crisp bitterness in the mouth. You don’t need more than that to enjoy beer, do you?

So… Victory Golden Monkey,  are beers #168, #169 and #170 I Must Try Before I Die. Will there be 200 by Mid March?



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