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Blogging about Israeli beer in general and Israeli craft beer in particular, following 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die and other beer musings.

Here We Meet Again

The idea to start an English blog that follows the 1001 Book first came to mind during a beer trip to Belgium and Germany that took place in October 2011. I must have mentioned this trip before: during a 2 week period we drank – not sampled, drank – 100 beers. Some were good, some were bad, some were shitty. Many of them – great beers and overrated alike – are listed in the book and among them is Pannepot, a magic potion created by De Struise Brouwers, one of Belgium’s most interesting breweries.  IMG_1688It was at De Bierboom shop in Brugge where we first drank Pannepot, which became one of our favourite Belgian beers on the trip, yes, more than Westvleteren XII.

After receiving our copy of 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die we were a little disappointed (but at the same time proud) that there are so many hard-to-find for us beers that we’ve already drank and need to get again, but were happy at the opportunity and excuse to put our hands on another bottle of Pannepot.

When Nimrod from The Attic heard that Alma7 got us a bottle when she visited her husband in Brugge, he said he wanted to compare our 2010 vintage to the bottle of Pannepot Grand Reserva 2008 he brought from a trip to the brewery. It’s one of those offers one can’t let down, so a few weeks ago we met and compared.

We started with Pannepot 2010 that pours very dark red and opaque and smells of raisins, chestnut and a little alcohol. It tastes alcoholic, liquor-like and roasty and has a full body, smooth and delicate carbonation and a great long, roasty finish. I like this beer alot, but my short and general tasting notes from that trip state that I once loved it and thought it nothing short of amazing.

We then opened Nimrod’s bottle that poured nicer, with a lovely tan head. It had more wood in the nose, as well as resin, acetone and a little alcohol. It tasted pleasantly liqourish and left a warming sensation in the tummy. No carbonation at all, full body though a little thinner than the previous bottle and a somewhat of a syrupy texture. Aging does good to this beer.

Struise Pannepot is beer #173 I Must Try Before I Die. Expect more entries this week.


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