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Put On Your Topee

Exotica and porcelain friends by Fugi Naim

Exotica and porcelain friends by Fugi Naim

We drank these two beers from Thornbridge Brewery on the same tasting. Troubles and The Beer Greek brought them – they were both on (separate) business trips to Greater London lately, and got a hold on bottles from this 8 years old brewery from the heart of England, some miles south west of Sheffield. Their names and styles put you right in an exotic mood that makes my beer drinking self smile and my culturally aware self frown all at once: Thornbridge Jaipur is an India Pale Ale and Thornbridge Kipling is defined by the brewery as South Pacific Pale Ale, but Ratebeer classifies it as an APA so so will I. The former has a hazy, light golden colour and smells hoppy and malty at once with piney dominance. It has a stingy, bitter taste, great fizz and piney finish. The latter pours clear golden and smells of grass, lemon peel and a little malt. It tastes lemony, bitter and has apparent maltiness in the mouth as well. It is light-bodied and refreshing.

Both are great beers and I’m glad I’d two friends sharing cups and cakes good beer with me.

Thornbridge Kipling and Thornbridge Jaipur are beers #174 and #175 I Must Try Before I Die.


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