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Catching Up With The Czechs.

Shachar organizes beer tours to beer countries: Belgium in the spring and Czech Republic and Germany in the fall. The lucky bastard’s work actually includes traveling to beer countries. Well, what can I say? At least to some extent one is responsible to one’s destiny, right? Anyway, he always brings beer from his trips and like the others in the beer crew, he too is granted an access to the 1001 list. Here are a bunch of stuff from that book that Shachar shared with us lately:

Chodovar Zámecký Ležák Special is a bohemian pilsener, Clear, bubbly and headless with a sweet malty aroma that bears grain and laundry detergent notes as well. It tastes bitter, metallic and a little watery. It has a light body and sweet finish and it’s far from being amazing – time and travel probably didn’t do her good.

Pardubický Porter is a baltic porter dated back to the late 19th century. It pours dark brown with tan head, has a sweet, malty, somewhat liquorish aroma. It tasted bitter and malty and has a medium body. Nothing too exciting.

Last beer for today’s entry is Svijanský Rytíř Bitter that despite its name is another pils. Not that it’s a bad thing. Quite the contrary. In the long Israeli summer few things are more enjoyable than fresh Czech pilsner slowly poured from the tap. Well, this is a bottled beer sampled in a (relatively) cold night in January. It wasn’t bad, mind you. Clear, dark golden in colour, citrus pulp, sewage and artificial banana aroma and sour taste, but in a good way, like lemon juice. Then comes malt, but for a short visit. Light body and a surprising spicy finish – I sensed some cumin.

So here we have it, 3 Czech beers, none is too amazing (or at least the bottles we put our hands on weren’t), but, well, they’re listed. Chodovar Zámecký Ležák Special, Pardubický Porter and Svijanský Rytíř Bitter are beers #176, #177, #178 I Must Try Before I Die, they say.


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