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Little Birds Sit On Your Shoulders


With the way SEO goes, there’s a good chance that the next person who’ll look for Kenneth Patchen’s haunting love poem will land here, in this geeky beer blog. The link is for that person, but hey, you are welcome to stay and read about beer too!

Today’s catching-up menu consists of Japanese beer that comes in the cutest packaging ever. So cute that when my Excellent Little Brother unwrapped/ unsocked them, his BFF, esteemed illustrator Shimrit Elkanati said that at first glance it looks like a bottle of pop,with its bright colours and owl, and that only the neck label indicates that there’s beer in the bottle. Yup, it’s Hitachino Nest beer I’m writing about today. A beer that its branding screams of kawaii; look at the website, it’s so, so pretty ^___^

The Excellent Little Brother brought 2 bottles from Wholefoods in New York and The Beer Greek shared a third at a tasting.

The first beer I tried is Hitachino Nest White Ale – probably the brewery’s most popular beer. This is a Belgian Witbier  that pours murky light blond  and smells of ripe apricot – typical of Belgian wheat beer – but also of roses and nutmeg; all nice and aromatic. It tastes lightly sweet with a hint of apricot sourness. A delicate, tasty and juicy beer and the best of the three.


Hitachino Nest XH is another Belgian ale of the strong kind (eXtra Heavy?) that is distilled in sake barrels. The sake is apparent in the nose, along with grapes and summer fruit. It tastes sweet, like dessert wine, has a delicate fizz and is a rather satisfying beer with a light body despite the 8% abv.

The Beer Greek brought a bottle of Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale, also from New York. We began cooking red rice only recently and I love its taste, texture and flexibility, on top of its nutritional values. The bottle was probably infected, with a weird aroma of olives and paprika – two things that go well with red rice, but probably weren’t supposed to go with this beer – and slight bitterness with hints of black pepper. Again, the beer was probably spoiled.

Still, my curiosity about the other beers from the brewery remains, as well as the desire to collect their merchandise.

Hitachino Nest White Ale and Hitachino Nest XH are beers #179 and #180 I Must Try Before I Die.



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One thought on “Little Birds Sit On Your Shoulders

  1. Excellent Little Brother on said:

    The first one sounds good! Maybe I’ll try it 🙂
    And what a pretty website…

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