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Motherless Brooklyn


Seems like I’m in a literary mood as of late. Last weekend I finished the second volume of George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and before diving into the 3rd part of the series I’m taking a break in order to read literature. This must be the reason for today’s and yesterday’s titles.

Anyway, NYC Beer Week starts tomorrow. REL will represent us Israeli beergeeks over there, untapping, foursquaring and instagraming every glass. I wonder if my Excellent Little Brother will go out and try some of the local brews. If he does, I bet he’ll opt for Shmaltz stuff, because they are almost as whimsical as he is.

Anyway, not too long ago we drank Brooklyn Local 1, brewed by Brooklyn Brewery and distributed locally, in 247 locations in greater NYC area: bars, restaurants and shops, among them is Wholefoods in Columbus Circle, where The Excellent Little Brother grabbed the bottle for us. 100% bottle re-fermentation, 9% abv. cloudy amber in colour and Belgian aroma: yeasty and floral. The beer tastes delicately bitter but I also noted pickled gherkin water – that’s Brooklyn for you! The beer has full body and soft fizz. Nice, not amazing and certainly not the best that came out of Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Local 1 is beer #181 I Must Try Before I Die. New Yorkers, enjoy the beer week!


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