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An Unexpected Surprise In The Fridge.

la trappe dubbel

That bottle of La Trappe Dubbel has been standing in our fridge for months and nobody wanted to touch it. Another Belgian-style, heavy beer. Unsuitable for the summer, no interesting enough for the rest of the year. We drank it before of course, and that’s how our beer-infested memory cells categorized it.

Boy were we wrong. One night I just took it out of the fridge – it was during another FIFO attempt – and poured it. Dark brown, nearly red colour that smells of plum and berries and has a balanced, fruity sweet and slightly tangy taste. The texture is smooth and the beer is drinkable despite being 7%abv. Medium-to-full body and a long, pleasing aftertaste. It is a great beer and quite different from the Trappist beers from across the border. If you like your ales heavy and sweet – you must try this one.

La Trappe Dubbel is beer #187 I Must Try Before I Die. Have a great Saturday y’all! We’re off to breakfast by the beach.



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