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Schneider Brothers

I believe that’s a first: two consecutive beers on the list.

Both Aventinus and Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock from Weissbierbrauerei G. Schneider and Sohn are listed in the 1001 book. We drank these two shortly after drinking Schneider Weisse on the train from Basel to Zürich and by that crossed out the three beers the brewery has in the book. Aventinus, Bavarian wheat doppelbock with 8.2% abv. which, despite traditionally being a spring beer, is a great winter warmer. The Secret Agent and I drank it in December and it was quite appropriate. The beer pours cloudy muddy brown with a quick dissolving pinkish white head. It has banana, raisins and apple puree’ aroma and a sweet, yeasty, a little plastic taste. Full body, smooth texture, long phenoly aftertaste. We really enjoyed this one. The Weizen-Eisbock is an iced version of Aventinus that Shachar got us when he guided a tour in Germany and the Czech Republic last November. Its alcoholic content is 12% and natürlich, there’s an alcoholic dominance in the nose and the mouth. Other than alcohol we smelled raisins and cheesecake and tasted sour soft cheese before the alcohol-derived sweetness arrived. It’s a full-bodied, smooth-textured beer. Quite good, but the ‘regular’ version is better.

Aventinus and Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock are beers #188 and #189 I Must Try Before I Die.


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