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trois bières et de fumée*

(*blame Google Translate for any incoherence)

4 days after landing and I’m still in a holiday mode, that’s aided by Daylight Saving Time and the fact that the homework deadline is not until Sunday.

Uh, I guess the holiday mode ends this afternoon then.

Still haven’t digitized the tasting notes from Romania – been busy slutwalking, declaring that it won’t happen to me cos I’ll kill myself as soon as I start losing my cognitive abilities and/ or suffer from urinary incontinence after watching Amour and getting high on the smell of fresh garlic – I wish I could send you a link to this scent! I’ve been thinking about scent recording a lot during the trip to Romania. Every evening when we were out in the cold and smelled the smoke coming out of the chimneys I took a big sniff in attempt to observe this fiery scent in my mind.

this beer blog is powered by radical feminism.

this beer blog is powered by radical feminism.

I love those social-reject aromata. I can sniff my fingers for hours after cutting garlic and sometimes I go into phases of using Pine Tar Soap because of its bonfire aroma. I keep a stash of bars in the bathroom cupboard to satisfy this crave. Readers who are not new to the blog already know that a smokey aroma means an automatic beer-crush. Thus, I was so delighted when The Actuary brought a big bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter to a small tasting we had on Thursday. Big bottle + small tasting = more for me! Alascan Brewing smokes its own malt for this beer and releases it once a year. The bottle shared with us is from a 2012 vintage. It pours very black with a light brown head and has a hardcore smokey aroma, like a fire-pit. Smoke is present in the mouth as well and the beers bitterness reminds me more than anything eating a slightly burnt potato peel. Lag BaOmer’s around the corner. As an aware adult I am deeply angered by the air pollution this day brings but as a smoke-ash fiend I just wish I had somewhere to scam a burnt potato from. Anyone?  Anyway, back to the beer, it has the most perfect pallate! Medium-to-heavy body, round, slightly sweet finish, mild carbonation and a dry feel that leads to a smoky aftertaste. I’m in love!


We brought to the tasting a bottle of Unibroue Trois Pistoles that’s been laying in the fridge for quite some time. This 9% abv. liquid pours headless murky dark brown and unpretty sight that follow with a weird and unpredictable nutty aroma: walnut liquor, alcohol and nutmeg. That taste that follows is as spicy as it gets: sweet, candy, marzipan, tonka and hot spices were noted. The body is full and heavy, carbonation is delicate and a warm feeling follows. It’s a nice, warming winter beer that’s hard to drink on its own. It was wise sharing it.

terribleThe Dead Swedish Girl expressed her concern when I asked for a refill – in a previous tasting The Secret Agent and I brought another bottle of Unibroue, La Terrible, that got me terribly drunk. It was quite intentional, as I needed to unload some emotional burden caused by a certain (positive and blessed yet emotionally exhausting) project at work. Again, Belgian Strong Ale, high abv (10.5%), big bottle and lots of liquid to spare. Black, opaque with an off-white head that dissolves quickly, sweet, nutella chocolate spread aroma that’s also somewhat spiced and a sweet, spicy and slightly fruity taste. Terrible’s body is full and its finish is very sweet. Again, heavy, very spicy, very tasty and more suitable for dessert than for half-way through the tasting.

Alaskan Smoked Porter and Trois Pistoles and Terrible by Unibroue are beers #206, #207 and #208 I Must Try Before I Die. Hope this weekend is as sunny and warm wherever you are!



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