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Blogging about Israeli beer in general and Israeli craft beer in particular, following 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die and other beer musings.

Breakfast. Stout.


No breakfast for me this morning. Fasting before a blood test that, knowing my body, will probably result in low volume for Folic Acid or something. Breakfast that includes coffee that will hopefully restore my blood pressure, will be consumed later today. All this reminded me of Founders Breakfast Stout that The Actuary brought to a tasting not too long ago. This high-volume black Imperial Stout (8.3%) is not something to start the morning with; too rich, too complex to drink before the first coffee, though it smells like coffee. Dry, rich aroma, with some cherry too. It tastes complex, too, with lots of wood and coffee sourness – this is actually brewed with coffee beans so it makes sense – ans a little chocolate to make it all very yummy. Full body, smooth texture and a long, roasty finish. One of the best beers I have drank in the past few months. Superb.

Founders Breakfast Stout is beer #222 I Must Try Before I Die (only 444 beers til the magic number 666!)


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