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Sinning again.

LeftHand.MilkStout duck-rabbit-milk-stout

This is an entry about milk stout. I’m vegan. milk stout contains lactose, which is cow-stuff and thus isn’t vegan. There is no way to play around – mea culpa. However, of the two beers I’m reviewing in this entry, one was sipped from a bottle that a friend shared. The other arrived in a package that I had no say about its contents.

So, why adding lactose to beer? It adds sweetness and body to the beer, they say. We sampled the nitro version of Left Hand Milk Stout, that gives the beer an extra creaminess. The 1001 book tells that “brewmaster Dick Doore had to carefully explain that [Left Hand Milk Stout] included no dairy products” –  well, it has lactose. This beer has a creamy, milky aroma and the taste is a little sour but also sweet and the texture is smooth and really soft. I hate to write that it’s a good beer.

The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout hails from Farmville(!), North Carolina and is so lactic that the allergic among us actually had to call-in sick the day after we shared a bottle. It is black, opaque and has a tan head. The aroma has this chocolate-milk sweetness and something that reminds us of cornflakes, with a hint of roastiness, too. It tastes sweet, chocolatey, a little sweetened coffee with hints of milky sourness. The body’s heavy, and despite the heaviness and the fizz, it is an easy-to-drink beer, with a long-lasting chocolate aftertaste.

Left Hand Milk Stout and The Duck Rabbit Milk Stout are beers #223 and #224 I Must Try Before I Die.


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