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A and B in a Nutshell

I had zero expectations from Alhambra Negra. Brewed by a Carlsberg-owned Spanish brewery, commercial and Dunkel. I was glad to find out that it’s an easy-to-drink beer, raisin-smelling and fruity but still bitter in the mouth. Nothing outstanding but its light body and mild flavours make Alhambra Negra an alright alternative for summery pale lagers.

It’s definitely better than 3 Fonteinen Beersel Lager. The latter sure stands out compared to better known Belgian lagers such as Stella Artois and Jupiler (if you haven’t watched this gem brought to us by Swedish TV, please do. It’s quite amusing), but it’s still not very good or exciting. Cloudy golden with white head. Smelly peach, a little cardboard and perfumed sweetness. Bitter and rather watery taste. Medium-to-light body, mild fizz, bitter finish.


Alhambra Negra and Beersel Lager are beers #233 and #234 I Must Try Before I Die.



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