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10 minutes catching up – 4 beers

I’m always, always behind with this blog. Got no choice but jot down laconic entries like this one.

Rogue Juniper Pale Ale is an APA that’s brewed with an addition of whole juniper berries. It is cloudy blond in colour and smells of juniper, honey and some nuts. The taste is pleasingly bitter with notes of nettle. This is a smooth, mildly carbonated and medium-bodied beer. Our bottle was a little ’tired’, but the drink was still nice.

Small Craft Warning, brewed by Clipper City and marketed under the brand Heavy Seas Beer is a high-volume lager/pils  that holds 7%abv and marketed as “Uber Pils – a pilsner style bock lager.” It has a faint floral-honey aroma, s well as a little tropical fruit that I can’t name. The taste is alcoholic and sweet with a little honey. It has a syrupy texture for a lager, medium body and an alcoholic finish. Not a great beer.

Great Divide Hibernation Ale is one of my favourite beer names. Ideally we would have tasted it in the dead of winter in front of an episode of Game of Thrones, but in real life we tasted it in the end of the short Israeli spring. This Old Ale style beer has a beautiful ruby red colour, wine, deep berry and caramel aroma, sweet taste in an alcoholic sort of way, full body, no carbonation and an alcoholic finish. Other than the name, the best think about this beer is its looks. Too bad. I loved Great Divid’s Oak Aged Yeti.

Last beer for today is Zonker Stout by Snake River from Wyoming: sweet chocolate raisins aroma, and a taste that begins roasty and then becomes rich, chocolate drink-like that’s followed by more roastiness. Full body, mild carbonation, roasty finish and very enjoyable.

Of the 4 beers in this short list – I recommend Zonker Stout. The rest are passable.

These were beers #245, #246, #247 and #248 I Must Try Before I Die. Gonna cross the 25% line soon!


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