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Meet Me at the Castle

Dr. Troubles was sent to Johannesburg on an urgent mission – beer hunting, of course. He brought back 1/3 of the South African delegation to the 1001 Expedition, that contains 6 different beers. While there, he spotted other goodies from the book, but pubs over there are not allowed to sell for outside consumption. Oh well. We’ll have to send him there again.

Castle Lager and Castle Milk Stout is brewed by Castle brewery in Johannesburg. Castle merged with other South African Breweries to form SAB that later merged with Miller to form the SAB Miller conglomerate. I didn’t know all this until a couple of minutes ago, while conducting a quick research for this entry. Maybe that explains the shittiness of those beers.

castle lager

Legacy of Brutality

Castle Lager is very pale, has a piss-like, malty, with a little corn water aroma and a metallic, bland, slightly bitter and overall yucky aroma. It has a light body and corny finish and I wouldn’t drink it again.

prettier in real life

prettier in real life

Castle Milk Stout is a really strange beer. Less good and has more commercial appeal than other milk stouts we drank in this mission. It’s a pretty beer: very dark and opaque red with a dark yellow-light brown head. Aroma: sweet and milky. Taste: sweet, a little metallic (it’s the cans) and a little bitter. It’s a smooth beer with a milky finish. Better than the pale lager but still far from being amazing.

These two are beers #249 and #250 I Must Try Before I Die. Thank you Troubles for going through all this trouble.


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