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German Invasion

A bunch of German brews that’s been patiently waiting to be documented, and by patiently I mean months!

lammsbraeuNeumarkter Lammsbräu Urstoff is a Helles lager that has a faintly metallic aroma and not much more. After stirring the tasting glass, some sweetness appeared in my nostrils but really, that’s about it. This is a sweet and rather insignificant beer with soft fizz, light body and short finish. Let’s move on to happier beers, like Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel from the lovely Bavarian monastery Kloster Andechs. 7.1% abv. of sheer goodness: smells of raisins, malt and a little sugary alcohol, sweet, roasty and slightly grainy taste, full body and malty finish. We usually love Klosterbruerei Andechs beers and when we don’t it means that we drank an old bottle.andechser-doppelbock-dunkel

HackerPschorr-weisseHacker-Pschorr (Hefe) Weisse, is a neat Hefe Weizen from one of Munich’s 6 Oktoberfest breweries. It pours cloudy orange-golden with white film, has bubblegum, has banana-punch-ice-cream aroma with a little plastic and overall classic. Mildly bitter taste, a little clovey and spicy with a light-to-medium body and fizzy bubblegum finish. Enjoyable, communicative and fun.

kindl_weisseWe brought a bottle of Berliner Kindl Weisse from our weekend in Switzerland – that was 6 months ago! Berliner Weiße is a light, sour regional beer. Our sourhead friends like it, but we are still in the process of acquiring the taste. Its faint aroma reminded me a little of cream cheese and nutritional yeast flakes nuttiness. The taste is very sour, acidic and somewhat like cheese water. Medium body, smooth texture. Interesting but not something I’d drink on its own. Berliner Kindl Weisse is often mixed with a shot of fruit syrup – doubt I’d do it, though. I try to avoid commercial syrups in cocktails and can’t even imagine adding them to beer.

KapuzinerLast beer on this list is another Weissbier – Kapuziner Weissbier. Bottle bought in April, consumed in late May, expired in mid. February. Funky bubblegum aroma with sweet challa bread, caramel and toffee notes. Tastes sweet, bubblegum and some spiciness but mostly sweet and peach-like. It wasn’t THAT bad but its age was apparent. I think it is no longer imported to Israel and as a woman on a mission, I couldn’t afford waiting.

This list contains beers #251, 252, 253, 254 and 255 I Must Try Before I Die. Doing fine so far.


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4 thoughts on “German Invasion

  1. A Berline weisse should be perfect for the Israeli heat! It’s kind of the refreshing lemonade of the beer world.

    • I guess it should, but still, it’s a wee too sour for me. Ready to give it a second chance, of course.

      • Try it by dropping in a touch of a quality fruit syrup. That’s the traditional way to cut the tartness. Start with a low amount and work your way up until you hit the perfect ratio.

      • would if I could – this one, like most of the beers I blog about, isn’t available in the country where I live…

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