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Rock On

Abbaye des Rocs (brune), one of the first beers in the 1001 book, used to be available in Israel. It is the 6th beer that Dead Swedish Girl ever rated on ratebeer back in 2007 (we’ll celebrate her 4000th rate this week, I think – that’s exciting!) and she liked it so much that she aged a bottle at her parents’ cellar up north, where the weather is slightly less scummy than Tel Aviv’s. Last month she dropped by with The Living Swedish Boy. We ate vegan cake we brought from Romania and shared the 75 cl bottle, with a 2008 best before date.

we tried to show the murkiness

we tried to show the murkiness

Unlike many other Belgian ales, this one has no added sugar but just like many other Abbey beers, this one wasn’t brewed in a monastery. Either way, it is one of the better Belgian Ales I have tasted recently. I am currently not very tolerant towards heavy, sweet beer, but this one is pretty decent actually. It pours kinda yucky, murky brown with tan ring and some floaties, but that’s expected, given its age. The aroma is nutty and very fruity and ripe; I sensed spices, old wine and prune. The taste that follows comes as no surprise – sweet, fruity and spicy alike. This is a smooth, full-bodied beer that is a little, just a little, carbonated. The finish is long and fruity. We all liked it.

Abbaye des Rocs is Beer #257 I Must Try Before I Die. I’d be happy to drink it fresh but vintage really kicks ass.


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3 thoughts on “Rock On

  1. Actually the beer was quite ugly and murky when it was fresh, but still all of the beers imported from this brewery were a level above the other belgians available at the time…

    • You are not the first one to say that. Don’t remember whether we drank it or not in real-time. It was before Ratebeer and I never logged my drinks.

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