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Greetings From the Keller


With all  that’s been going on in Real-Life the blog, as well as its older sister, have gone quiet over the past few weeks. Let’s see: 2 crazy exams, one so crazy that I decided to skip altogether for the sake of my mental health; a physical condition that made sitting for three hours in a tasting session rather impossible; said physical condition that involved drugs that don’t really go hand-in-hand with alcohol consumption; and a new, demanding, challenging and very exciting job. Blogging – the last link in a chain that includes drinking, documenting and sometimes photographing – was put aside. However, all the while, the beer stash has been growing: The Excellent Little Brother is here with new bottles, our Berliner friends brought a couple of brews; my colleague shared his samples with me. Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I feel like we’re about to lose control, that the bottles are soon gonna take over not only the fridge and the kitchen table and the cupboard, but our lives. It’s scary. We can always find room for more beer, but as opposed to Abbaye Des Rocs that was reviewed here last week, most brews don’t age gracefully, especially in the heat and humidity of Tel Aviv.

Enough is enough. Earlier this evening, between snacking on a chickpea pancake and playing yet another episode of Med Man, I asked The Secret Agent to grab our bottle of Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss Hefe. It’s been around for too long and I didn’t want it to go all bad. He dug it from the depths of the fridge and we shared. The bottle’s age – it wasn’t too old or expired but it definitely didn’t feel too fresh – sure didn’t help it flattering our taste buds. An almost opaque orange dark, the Kellerweiss smelled of apricot, citrus and some dried banana. It was very yeasty on the mouth, both sweet and a little bitter, the finish was bready and the body a little too light to our taste; more robustness would’ve done good to the beer. Still, this Californian  Bavarian wheat beer is better than many other ausländers’ attempt at this style.


Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss Hefe is beer #258 I Must Try Before I Die. I swear I’m gonna reach 300 by Rosh HaShana. It’s doable.


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