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Nothing’s rotten in the Rothaus.



Today’s post reviews 2 out of the 3 beers that Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus has in the book. Both bottles were bought in Berlin, some 600 kilometers from the southwestern location of the brewery. Teva Boy’s sister (in-law?) brought Rothaus Hefeweizen from her Berlin getaway. It pours cloudy light orange with a frothy white head and smells of banana, some peach, yeast, a little clove and bubblegum – quite predictable considering its kind -and it tastes sweet and a little sour, but mainly sweet. Chewy texture, full body, fruity finish. Nice and enjoyable, lovely springtime beer – and we drank it during springtime, it’s just that I’ve been postponing writing about it.

My Berliner friend Jenna brought Rothaus Pils Tannenzäpfle when she was here on a holiday. I sent her a list of stuff I assumed has broader distribution and that’s one of the two she yielded. Apparently this is a Berliner hipster favourite – she told us so as well as the 1001 book that tells us  that the beer is a “[…] national cult brand” I dunno what it is – maybe the old fashioned label? whereas the Hefeweizen was pretty neat and fun to drink, the pils wasn’t. Wort and corn and straw/ dried grass in the nose and insignificant bitter and a little malty taste. Although the bottle was new, the beer lacked the crispiness and freshness the genre. Had I tried it in a blind taste I would’ve guessed it’s a cheap, contract-brewed pale lager.

not as pretty

not as pretty

The third rep. from the brewery is a Märzen – I’d be curious to taste it even if it didn’t star in the book.  Baden-Württemberg – we need to visit there. We’ll wait til the Israeli middle-class and its bratty offspring find another summer travel destination though.

Til we make it there, Rothaus Hefeweizen and Rothaus Pils Tannenzäpfle are beers #259 and #260 I Must Try Before I Die.


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