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Threat is the Best Treat


Last Saturday I attended a tasting at the Dancing Camel Brewpub, and Teva Boy made a rare appearance. He got a weird promotion that includes many long visits to Germany and Croatia; a bunch of beers for me to taste and tick and little time with his family. He told us on Saturday that he’s gonna start flying to Milan – good news! One of the best countries for beer these days that has plenty of representatives in the 1001 books that I follow even if I don’t have the time or the inspiration to blog. Well, Teva Boy pretty much warned me that I won’t be getting any help from him unless I return to blogging. It’s blackmail, but hey, it works, here I am, at 8 am, typing instead of catching up on Facebook with my morning coffee, and believe me, with a 100+ beers backlogs, it’s easier to just sit in front of Facebook. I’m trying, can’t promise where it’s gonna take me, this massive catching-up I’ve been planning to do for ages, but let’s see.

I opened the Google Spreadsheet and filtered the list by country. In order to underwhelm myself I omitted all the big beer countries: US, England, Germany, Belgium and then Italy, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and a few more, to be left with a small list filled with turquoise – the colour code for drank-not-blogged items. This way that Hayward 5000 – a 7% malt liquor from India we drank in December, popped up. It enjoyed a more adventurous journey than those IPA’s exported to the subcontinent by the Empire, that’s for sure: from India to New York state and then, by ship, to Israel. Not that consuming it fresh would have been making it any better: just another nasty, light-bodied, alcoholic malt liquor with a metallic aftertaste.

A little down the list, a turquoise spot under Japan – that’s Kirin Ichiban that I finally rated and marked in March. Not much to write about this pale lager. It’s dryish and drinkable and Ichiban is one of my favourite words in the whole world. I decided to cross it off here and not wait for more Japanese beers to write about because it seems that this entry is all about commercial lagers, so be it.

Staying in the region I conveniently refer to as east of Amman, Jordan, there’s also the can of Hite Prime Max that Guy, Whimsical Shira’s partner brought me from a last-minute business travel. Yet another pale lager from Southeast Asia. We drank the regular Hite lager and Cass fresh that The Secret Agent’s parents brought us from the airplane, and looking at my ratings, Prime Max falls exactly in between the two. Slightly better than Hite, slightly worse than Cass. Still, it’s a catty, light-bodied sweetish lager.

So – I made it! Blogging after 3 months! There’s a long way to go before I catch up, but it’s a beginning, Teva Boy! Hayward 5000, Kirin Ichiban and Hite Prime Max are beers #315, #316 and #317 I Must Try Before I Die. Now off to the office!


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