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Cute and Chubby


Full Sail’s Session Lager comes in the sweetest bottle ever. It’s short and chubby and one of the few bottles I kept after drinking. I usually just peel off the labels and if I’m not up to it I’ll leave the bottles to the collectors in the group, or recently, take interesting ones to work, for our packaging purchase guy who in turn sometimes treats me to novelty caps. Here’s the plus side of working in a big brewery, well, one of them.

Anyway, bottle content was shared in May, but expired in  February, so aroma and flavour were a bit off. Clear greenish gold and headless. Very grainy and a little bready aroma. Bitter and grainy taste. Light body, grainy finish.

Full Sail Session Lager is Beer #355 I Must Try Before I Die.

Parisian Chic

So apparently I’m flying to Paris next week. Business meetings. I’m gonna miss Beers 2014 – the most important and fun beer event of the year here in the country – due to two intensive days with our French colleagues. But hey, me and Ms. Bazelet, my office-mate, extended our stay. Her motivation? I dunno. Mine? Tiki Pop exhibition at Muse’e du Quai Branly. And cocktails at some of the world’s best bars. And if time permits, hunt for a second hand luxury bag. Oh, and visit that amazing rum shop behind Jardin Luxemburg. Plenty of things to do in less than 24 hours and yes, beer hunting is not really on the agenda.

Why’s that?

As soon as my boss called to tell me about the flight, I opened the google spreadsheet that helps me keep track on this 1001 journey. Filtering the country column I found out that there are 24 French beers in this book. That’s plenty, for a country that isn’t necessarily known for its beer scene. Considering the 4 Norwegian beers, 12 Danish beers and 4 Swedish beers, all I can do is wonder WTF. Anyway, I already reviewed 8 of them here, I have another one in the cellar and here are two more French beers I drank recently (or not so recently):

Ch’ti Blonde that Nachum, beer training manager at work shared at a ratebeer tasting that the Beer Greek conducted at the brewery’s training pub is the first. It wasn’t so good. Clear gold with white head. A little grain and overripe fruit in the nose, floral and a tad bit sweet taste. Ligh body, sticky fruity finish. 6/4% abv. It wasn’t a good beer.

Jenlain Ambree‘s commercial description is “[t]he most widely-available of the bieres de garde.”. I liked it a little better, but still didn’t fall off my chair after sampling it. Hazy amber with dark white head. Sweet aroma, lots of honey and apple puree’. Tastes very, VERY sweet. Medium-bodied and sweet finish. All is overly sweet.

The 10 beers now reviewed here and the one beer at the cellar leaves 13 beers to hunt. Not a big deal. You’d think that a short trip to the supermarket, a visit to a specialty beer store and sitting in a bar or two would set you up with 80% of your list. It did in Switzerland, so why not in Paris, that has better beer options? Well, that’s because most of the remaining beers are obscure brews from even more obscure  breweries that god knows how they are in the book, Well, I’m not a god, but considering the weird choice of Dancing Camel ‘Trog Wit – a draught-only served at the brewpub 2 weeks every year – to represent the entire beer industry of Israel, I gather that curating is somewhat better for classic beer countries, such as England, Czech Republic and the US than for the rest of the world. Breclouise Biere Au Cognac may be extremely hard to find – as far as I know it is no longer in production, but it was available at some point.Biere des Naufrageurs Miel isn’t even on ratebeer! It may be under a different name, this I have yet to check,but the brewery’s most popular beer on the site has a total of 7 rates! How can A Beer I Must Try Before I Die not exist in the world’s best beer database? I’ll never cross the 1001 line, but fuckit. I’ll keep hunting cos the journey is the destination, isn’t it?

ch-ti-blonde jenlain

Anyway, as I was typing and bitching, I began mapping beer spots in Paris. Hopefully there will be a beer shop close to the museum or to that coveted Celine purse. Meanwhile, Ch’ti Blonde and Jenlain Ambree are beers #351 and #352 I Must Try Before I Die.


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