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commonwealth brews.


At a tasting we had last month REL shared an Australian beer that appears in The Book. It was really exciting, because beers from Australia and New Zealand hardly ever cross my path. Too remote, too local. If anyone from these areas are into trading, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you – I can offer you crafty goodness from The Holy Land, and if country ticking is your thing, I can also get you pale lager from Jordan and Ethiopia.

Anyway, not sure whether the bottle of Mountain Goat Hightail Ale that’s originated in Richmond, Victoria, was brought all the way from the Land of Oz or from East Coast US. For us, it’s one of the little miracles that always happen within REL’s network of beer buddies. Anyway, this beer pours clear dark amber-brown with white ring. It has a nice grainy and toasted aroma – something I always enjoy in a beer, and tastes a little sweet and malty. It is light-bodied, has soft carbonation, and a long, bitter finish.

I shared a bottle of Dieu du Ciel Route des Epices, which is a rye beer brewed with both black and green peppercorns. Rye’s one of my favourite grains and I’m always up to spiciness – in this beer it is derived both from the grain and the spice. Clear-to-hazy brown with a quickly dissolving white head, it has black pepper and rye aroma, with a little barley malt and bread. Dry bitterness with black pepper dominance in the mouth and presence of rye. Medium-bodied, smooth carbonation, peppery finish – hot aftertaste. Pretty awesome.

We also tasted another version of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout – Brand Coffee Stout 2013 – but I have already ticked Bourbon County Stout off my list. Not that I have any objections to try all the editions, because it is such a great beer, only that I don’t bother writing about it.

Mountain Goat Hightail Ale and Dieu du Ciel Route des Epices are Beers #357 and #358 I Must Try Before I Die.


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