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Not the proper way to do things.


A medium-sized supermarket chain that specializes in premium/ deli products has recently began importing ales from Scotland. Those who’ve been following this blog  know that I’m a fan of Scottish beer. Those who know me in person may also know that I’m a fan of all things Scottish – from Irn-Bru to single malt, From Scatha to Stiff-Little Fingers, from Irvine Welsh to — to no one — despite many fall-outs we’ve had along the way, he is still one of my favourite writers. Anyway, with  an abundance of brands and types of beers to choose from, they went for 4 relatively shitty beers. Nothing disappointing because you learn not to expect much from purchase department personae, who look to fill a category gap with the least expenses and the best profit. It is disappointing to find out that one of these shitty beers is no other that Black Wolf 1488, or 1488 Whisky Beer, that’s also in the book. Well, it’s great that I could find it Israel and not go out of my way to look for a Book Beer, but it is disappointing that this is another lame beer that appears in the book. Marketing claim is a collaboration between Black Wolf Brewery and Tullibardine distillery resulted in “a unique beer with a light whisky aroma and clean fresh aftertaste”.

This is the beer I tasted: alcoholic aroma with candy and oxidation, rather sweet and alcoholic taste with surprising malty undertones and toffee that spreads in your mouth and lingers. Long finish, full body. Too sweet and heavy for me, and not a good use for whisky.

However, 1488 is Beer #369 I Must Try Before I Die and I didn’t really have to hunt for it, so that’s pretty cool.



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2 thoughts on “Not the proper way to do things.

  1. Ratebeerian who follows your blog on said:

    I recommend this one for Scottish whisky beers:

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