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The Stranded Sailors

Last week Skipper Tom took us to what was meant to be a beergeek booze cruise – a 3 hour trip in the yacht, for a tasting in the middle of the sea. Alas, Poseidon had different plans for us and as soon as we left the marine the sky got cloudy and the wind got wild. We took a turn, not before the Dead Swedish Girl and the Actuary got into the sea-sickness thing, and returned to the marine. As soon as we reached the pier the sun came out but since we had the yacht to ourselves, we stayed on board, opened bags of generic snacks and bottles of beer, drank and spent a lazy morning together.

One of the beers The Secret Agent and I shared with the crew was Great Divide Hercules Double IPA. Most of the beers in that sessions were commercial and light, but as our bottle was a little old, we opted to open it despite the lightweight vibe. However, although the beer was oldish, it was rather decent. Hazy orange with white head, its aroma was rich and fruity, with a little cherry and notes of cheesecake. It tasted bitter – duh! – a little leafy with hints of sweetness, was supported by a medium body and left a long and bitter finish.

Happy Belated Birthday, Beergreek!

Happy Belated Birthday, Beergreek!

Great Divide Hercules Double IPA is beer #378 I must Try Before I Die and I hope that I’ll get to drink many beers in the middle of the sea.


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