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Kölsch Kölsch Kölsch

reissdorf dom fruh

A recap of different Kölsch beers I drank and haven’t blogged about yet. First time I’m blogging about Kölsch, actually, since I had to add this category for this entry. Last year The Beergreek went to Köln  on a business trip and brought a few bottles of the local, area-designated brew. In an Alphabetical order, Dom Kölsch comes first, with an illustration of the famous cathedral on the label. Clear and very light yellow-gold. Cooked vegetables aroma, mildly bitter in the mouth. Light body, nice finish. Next comes Früh Kölsch, a beer that The Secret Agent and I are very fond of; it was the first beer we drank on our first beer trip, 3 years ago. We drove from Liege airport to Köln early in the morning and the Brauhaus by the Cathedral (or Dom, in German) was our first destination. We entered the place around half past eight in the morning, but the problem is that they start serving beer only at 9. We ordered Frühstück, aka breakfast and patiently waited for half and hour, until the elderly servers started walking around with the special tin trays that hold 20cl glasses of beer. It was so fresh and so quaffable that you could go on and on drinking it. However, bottling kinda ruins this beer and while the bottle the Beergreek brought was fine and malty,  it just wasn’t the same as drinking it fresh. Reissdorf Kölsch didn’t quite match to the first two. Light blond, clear, white film. Slightly grainy and a little corny aroma. Bitter, a little grainy taste. Light body, sweet finish.



Dom Kölsch, Früh Kölsch and Reissdorf Kölsch are beers #379, #380 and #381 I Must Try Before I Die.


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