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There Is Always Time

imageI drank Meantime London Pale Ale last month, on what should redefine the term ‘business trip’ to London. A great group of guests and colleagues and skyrocketing levels of gin consumption: straight in cocktails and mainly with tonic. Hey, this is what I’m getting paid for! Beer was used as an essential break and palate cleanser during this trip. Drank plenty of decent stuff during this trip – managed to sample all Samuel Smith’s casks at the Olde Cheshire Cheese pub, introduce our PR guy to the wonders of Brewdog in Camden, and check out the busy pub by the hotel. And drink beer in restaurants and in the hotel bar. And this bottle of Meantime London Pale Ale I ordered at a gin bar in Soho. I was so not mission-oriented in this trip, at least not a beer mission, so drinking a Book beer was an added bonus. Clear amber gold and white head. Toasty bready aroma and mildly bitter and a little limestone in the mouth. Medium body, bitter and a little toasty finish.

Meantime London Pale Ale is beer #384 I Must Try Before I Die and the only beer from the 1001 book imbibed in 72 hours of gin.

From… To…


Today I’m gonna write about Mikkeller’s Fra Til. It’s too hard to find, like so many other beers in The Book. When The Dead Swedish Girl. The Actuary and REL went to CBC last May, and brought back a bottle of Mikkeller X-mas Porter 2012 Fra Til Via (From To Via) Tequila. This will do as a replacement for retiered or really hard-to-find beer, I guess. Pours black with a nice tan head. A little vinous, some cocoa beans in the nose, dry, ash, a little wood, then wine and cocoa in the mouth. Didn’t sense the tequila at all. Smooth, full-bodied, a little ash finish. Very good.

I’m gonna drink plenty of Mikkeller next week. The Secret Agent is taking me to Copenhagen for my birthday – wonder if this birthday trip yealds blog entries; last year’s weekend in Prague hasn’t (yet.)

Perhaps I’ll also find a repleacement for Jacobsen’s Sommer Wit that’s also in the book and also retired. We’ll see. I actually consider visiting Carlsberg Brewery. I love big brewery tours.

Mikkeller X-Mas Porter 2012 Fra Til Via Tequila is beer #383 I Must Try Before I Die-ish.

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