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Beer Label Galore – Wailing Wench

Just a quick note now. I’m composing a fairly detailed entry as a part of the British Beer Recap, but we kinda wanna get back to binge-watch Broadchurch Season 2, so for the time being – Middle Ages Wailing Wench, from Syracuse, New York. Had a big bottle, probably quite old by the time it reached me, shared it with friends last year. An old-school 8% abv. double IPA, that pours hazy copper with a yellowish head. Smells sweet, a little spicy, tastes sweet, with hints of bitterness. Smooth, full-body, long, sweet finish. What struck me was the label. A year later and I still cannot decide whether it’s more sexist or more tasteless or equally both.

Here, look:


Wailing Wench is beer #403 I Must Try Before I Die. We’ll get back to real-ale fun soon. Promise.


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