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Listing Beer Before the New Year

Ugh, time’s running out! Exam on Thursday, then 2 papers, then another killer exam on the 11th. I must’ve been tripping while signing up to two summer courses. Never again! Anyway, before I head back to the other table, where colourful, overly-markered Marketing Management textbooks are waiting for my return, I gotta tell you about 4 American beers I drank recently. They don’t have much in common, but since my drinking pace is faster than my writing, I have to catch up.

Anchor Steam Beer is a pretty common craft stuff, but for me it was a first. I was sure that its  brewing process involved steaming in one way or another, but then I read, became a little less ignorant and understood why there was nothing really unusual in this beer. I mean, it’s alright: condensed, rich white head above clear golden body, rich malty, warming aroma and taste that brings forward both the hops and the malt. With its light body and soft carbonation, Anchor Steam is a very communicative beer, but far from being exciting. But sometimes beer should just be beer, not a crazy roller coaster.

REL always brings the most interesting stuff to the tasting table, and it seems that they always arrive via the strangest connections: friends of his friends or some person he once met and then found herself in a brewery tour in Vermont and thought of REL and his hobby/line of work (yup, he makes money brewing beer)… And the coolest thing is that he never gets generic pale lagers. Far from it: as far as Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest goes. Clear and nutty liquid, wine and cherry aroma, hoppily bitter but not too dry, especially with the malt-bread undertones and bitter finish. It was a good beer, like it usually is with Sierra Nevada’s beers.

Off to the East Coast and to a sample of Weyerbacher Brewing Co.’s Double Simcoe IPA, brought from Europe, I think, by idonis. That’s a hazy amber beer that’s loaded with – surprise! –  Simcoe hops that are characterized with piney aroma and citrusy taste. I smelled pine alright, but along with pine came Kef-li, a vintage Israeli onion-flavoured snack. Naturally, that onion snicked to the mouth as well and joined the hoppy bitterness, and then stayed for the aftertaste. It was kinda fun and evoked a new culinary trend in our household.

fun with kef-li

Finally, another East Coast ale whose name indicates its content, Cascazilla from Ithaca Beer Co. We shared it at the same tasting we had the Double Simcoe and it was OK, not much more. Murky amber in the eyes, peach and pear in the nose, soft bitterness in the mouth, soft fizz and hoppy finish. Despite the name, no extremities were found in this beer whatsoever. But a listed beer is a listed beer and brilliant, mediocre or shitty, I’m clad to cross it off my list.

So these were beers #108, #109, #110 and #111 I Must Try Before You Die. Happy Jewish New Year to those who celebrate. Skip that supermarket wine your aunt bought – it’s a shame to waste your calories intake and your liver on that crap – drink water and pour yourself a cup of decent brew upon your return home. I’m back at the desk!


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