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An attempt to break the silence?

A month without blogging/ updating/ whatnot. I wish I could say that I’ve been having so much fun that I couldn’t find the time to write, but this is not the case. It’s work that keeps me away from the keyboard and the notebook and the pictures.
When weekend comes I run errands and do the obligatory family things that are sometimes pleasing and more often than not frustrating and then crash. Being in bed in 9p.m is my latest weekend pleasure, as well as avoiding people. Luckily, Lovely Niva is oblivious to my state of beer neglect. Several months ago, when she took her daughter to a family trip to Argentina, I asked her to bring back a bottle of Antares Imperial Stout, Argentina’s representative in the 1001 book. Niva happily obliged and since then the bottle’s been resting at her fridge. Today we finally drank it. Oblivious to my state she invited us to lunch at the moshav where she, her husband Chula and their three kids live, grow herbs, cook glorious food, collect mugs and brew their own MaiBEERovicz beer in an open garage.

As carnivorous as Argentinians get, we were treated with amazing vegan food and lots of beer. We had quite a varied tasting session, with beer from Ghana, Tanzania, Belgium, Spain, USA, Ireland and Israel that was concluded with that bottle of Antares Imperial Stout. Despite the months that have passed, the beer remained pretty awesome, with deep chocolate aroma and taste, roastiness and some ash. The body was on the light side, considering it’s a 8.5% Imperial Stout we’re talking about. Drinkable, fun and definitely worth the time and calories involved. Better than Quilmes, for sure!

post-tasting shot

post-tasting shot

Antares Imperial Stout is beer #309 I Must Try Before I die. I am actually some 50 beers behind. Less than 2 months til my birthday. Should I opt for a catching-up challenge?

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